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Buen día 🇵🇷 son muchas semanas de no poder compartir y hacer lo que nos apasiona. 🎶 Sin bajar la meta y aumentado el esfuerzo estamos trabajando en varios proyectos musicales. #ComingSoon
🗣”Be a voice not an echo”
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El AMOR 💓 es encontrarte con @yolanditamonge. Siempre hermosa y divina. ...

“Puerto Ricans are very proud about being from Puerto Rico.” 🇵🇷 Yes we are!!! Con Puerto Rico en el corazón.

The Latin Adventure @hueydunbar.

🚨PLENA LIBRE - BBC London “Latin Music Adventure” aired yesterday.

“Latín Music Flying south to Puerto Rico itself, Huey sets off on a journey to discover the roots of salsa in the capital San Juan, and the traditional folk styles of bomba and plena. These songs still play an important role in marking births and deaths in rural areas of the country, and Grammy-nominated band Plena Libre believe they are the source of that fierce Puerto Rican pride. Recently Puerto Ricans have needed every bit of that strength and pride.”